The Health Benefits of Juicing

They say the New Year comes with new resolutions and, let’s face it; most of us are trying to lose a few pounds after the holidays’ free pass on carbs and fats. If you are ready to work on your inner and outer state of well-being, but you are not really sure which type of diet is the most appropriate for you, here is a non-harmful alternative: juicing.

Juicing means introducing freshly squeezed fruits and veggies in your diet…even if you are not much of a fan of greens and berries. In fact, it has been proven that juicing can help you cleanse the entire body and stimulate burning fats easier while boosting your energy levels and helping you become more active.

Read below to find a full list of the juicing benefits and decide whether or not you should give this method a try:

The perfect source of fibers

Fibers are extremely important to keep your body fed with nutrients and leads to a good digestive system. However, eating two-three pounds of veggies daily only to get the right amount of fiber it is quite an impossible task to achieve (Not to mention the high pressure that is put upon your digestive tract in order to process all that fiber).

Juicing is the perfect alternative for those who don’t live green but still want a healthier and balanced diet.

By adding one glass of freshly squeezed juice daily to your diet you will notice you don’t have any more problems with your intestines or stomach because you won’t have to recruit as many resources in order to digest all the fiber from fruits and veggies.

If you’re too busy, there are juicing companies like Good Cleansing, that will ship fresh, cold, juices to your door so that all you need to do is grab and go.

Choose the perfect combination of spinach leaves, bananas, thyme and strawberries or opt for a new recipe daily. No matter your choice of ingredients, juicing will help you acquire the right amount of fiber for healthy digestion and better nutrition.

Lowering high cholesterol levels

Going green or on juicing also means you will drastically improve your health condition, starting with your high cholesterol levels. High cholesterol is known to determine the appearance of plenty of health problems, from obesity to heart conditions.

Replace your regular amounts of fried foods and pork meat with a greener alternative and you will certainly improve your health within 1-2 weeks. Add celery, ginger, bitter melon and cucumbers to your daily recipes of juice and you will notice the benefits.

Promoting a healthier, better looking skin

Free radicals as well as dirt, stress, and a poor elimination combine to lead to skin imperfections of all kinds. From acne to blackheads and wrinkles to rosacea, all these skin problems can somewhat be improved by adding fresh juices to your daily diet. Due to its high amount of nutrients and vitamins, juicing will help you cleanse the skin and fight against free radicals. Berries represent the perfect weapon of natural antioxidants which promote a healthy glowing skin so make sure to add them to your freshly squeezed juices on a regular basis.

So if you’re ready to start eating healthy this year, think ‘juicing’.